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Mobile Homme – A musical show, acrobatic and aerial

Saturday 29th – 5pm – Skenderbej Square

There is no child, that has no dreamt whilst lying underneath a mobile, their nose under a string of characters balancing at the end of a nylon wire…
Imagine the same mobile, made of flesh and bone drum majors, suspended from a crane… Imagine that a frail trapez actors appears in the middle of this celestial cluster, and spreads a slight wind of extravagance while gracefully balancing…
Imagine the constant beats, the high-pitched sets and dull rumbles of a septet of celestial drummers… Imagine this human being suspended above water, from a cathedral’s spire or in the night sky… The off-beat rhythm brings the drummers to the frontline. At the end of the line of lead drummers comes a character a bit out of place, called the “Pignouf”, who prefers flirting with the spectators… It’s only once the mobile lifts up that we discover that under this clown character was hiding a beautiful trapez actors.
The Show of the French company Transe Express, organized by the French Embassy in Albania with the support of the Municipality and the Alliance Française of Tirana
In artistic collaboration with the National Circus, the Metropole Theater and “Banda Frymore” of the Municipality of Tirana.
For the young, free entrance.

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