Lekë Tasi “Drawings of a lifetime”

Harabel Contemporary Art Platform is pleased to invite you to the personal exhibition entitled “Drawings of a lifetime” by artist Lekë Tasi. The exhibition is curated by researcher Zef Paci and Harabel Platform. The exhibition will take place at the FAB gallery premises in the University of Arts and will remain open to the public through 17-28 April 2019.

It is the first time Harabel Platform enables the exhibit of Lekë Tasi’s drawings and this is organized on the occasion of the author’s 90th birthday. For this reason we used the notion of parallels between birth and drawing as procreation, genesis as conception of the art work. The exhibition is a selection in the long-lasting artistic quest of a person who once lived in persecution, who, without being able to express himself freely through speech and writing, has used and keeps using drawing as a communicating tool in everyday life.

His drawings preserve the spirit of short stories, anecdotes, games, gossip; sometimes they convey something lustful. He seeks to attract and direct attention through what he draws to the hidden and unhealthy tensions that liven up the space.